Les voix des eleves


Hypertext & Performance!
A Resonant Response to Joanna Baillie’s “Witchcraft”.
Concordia University, Hexagram and DB Clarke Theatre, 2009-2011.

This three year FQRSC-funded research-creation project allows us to explore a “forgotten” Romantic play while channelling our own creative responses to the source material. Baillie is not our contemporary. Her sensibility is very much of another era; so are her theatrical conventions.
Yet “Witchcraft”, through its hyperbolic illustration of fear before the unknown, is a play in which we recognize typical human response.”
Year I.“The Fingerplay of Katharine Nipsy” by Joanna Donehower
directed by Cristina Iovita.
Year II. “Gestural Codes of the Romantic Drama”. “Witchcraft” by Joanna Baillie.
Workshop devised and conducted by Cristina Iovita
Year III. “Witchcraft” by Joanna Baillie.
Adapted by Joanna Donehower.
Directed by Cristina Iovita and Louis Patrick Leroux.



The Islands of Love
Collage of three one acts by Marivaux.
Adapted and directed by Cristina Iovita.
Concordia University, DB Clarke Theatre 2013.

The Islands of Love @ Concordia University Theatre Department
December 2, 2013 by bloodyunderrated ”

islands of love
Last week, the Concordia University Theatre Department produced an entertaining and epic spectacle: The Islands of Love, a trilogy of three short plays by Pierre de Marivaux.
It’s hard to believe it was the first time The Dispute, The Colony and The Island of Slaves had been staged as a single show, as the three tales, with their common theme of equality, worked so well together. Characters from each story made clever cameo appearances throughout the three acts, further bonding the plays into a cohesive whole.




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